Pauline Hamilton
Freelance Writer/ Editor


Are you tired of working with writers who don't understand the importance of deadlines, good research and following style guidelines?

As a qualified pharmacist I spent twenty years working in a high pressure, deadline focused industry. I understand the importance of having high quality articles, press releases, and company profiles which are well researched and arrive before deadline.
Please contact me if you have a telecommuting position available, or are looking for a reliable freelancer. I can send a full CV (Resume) and further writing examples.

Credits to date:

Editor, OTC Medicines Guide 2002, MediMedia (NZ) Ltd, August 2002

Web site administrator and content provider for LivingWith, a web site for people with bone and joint disorders. (Website discontinued October 2003), October 2001 - 2003

Columnist, Pharmacy Today.

Proofreader, MIMS (NZ) Drug Information CD-Rom, February to July 2001



Feature articles:

Pharmacy labels - what do they mean? Online publication for Medimedia (NZ) Ltd,February 2006. Published on website.
Medicines - how are they delivered to the body? Online publication for Medimedia (NZ) Ltd,February 2006. Published on website.
Side effects: be aware, but don't be scared. Online publication for Medimedia (NZ) Ltd. Published on both and websites 2002.
Medicine Safety Tips. Online publication for Medimedia (NZ) Ltd. Published on both and websites.
Safety watchdog on new medicines. Online publication for Medimedia (NZ) Ltd. Published on both and websites 2002.

Pharmacy Life in the Scottish Highlands. Pharmacy Today (NZ), February 2003
Biotech Breakthroughs: Monoclonal antibodies. Pharmacy Today (NZ), November 2002
Biotech Breakthroughs: Immunotherapeutics. Pharmacy Today (NZ), September 2002
Quality in Pharmacy: The New Zealand Experience. International Journal of Pharmacy Compounding, August 2002
Biotech Breakthroughs: Transgenic Tools. Pharmacy Today (NZ), August 2002
Biotech Breakthroughs: Replacement Therapeutics. Pharmacy Today (NZ), July 2002
Direct-to-Consumer Advertising: Revolution, Reform, and Responsibility. D&MD Newsletter, June 2002.
Biotech Breakthroughs. Pharmacy Today (NZ), June 2002
Remote Workers. Pharmacy Today (NZ), February 2002
Medical Research and Controversy. D&MD Newsletter, February 2002
GE or not GE: the genetic engineering debate in New Zealand. Chemical Innovations, December 2001
Easy Documentation. Pharmacy Today (NZ), November 2001
Discovery Down Under. Chemical Innovations, August 2001
Pharmacy Technology. New Zealand Pharmacy, April 2001
The New Zealand Pharmaceutical Industry. D&MD Web Site, December 2000

Therapeutic Group Reviews: (These articles are an overview of the research and development.)

Deadly Bacterium: Mycobacterium tuberculosis: an update. D&MD Newsletter, May 2003
Rheumatoid Arthritis. D&MD Newsletter, March 2003
Stem Cell Research in Inflammation and Autoimmune Disorders. D&MD Newsletter, January 2003
Stem Cell Research in Cardiovascular Applications. D&MD Newsletter, November 2002
Deep Vein Thrombosis. D&MD Newsletter, D&MD Newsletter, August 2002.
Cystic Fibrosis: Correcting the Malfunction. D&MD Newsletter, July 2002.
Pediatric Drug Delivery. D&MD Newsletter, May 2002
Advances in Asthma. D&MD Newsletter, Mar 2002
Leukemia. D&MD Newsletter, Sept. 2001
Tuberculosis. D&MD Newsletter, Aug 2001
Malaria and the Mighty Mosquito. D&MD Newsletter, July 2001
Blood substitutes. D&MD Newsletter, June 2001
Osteoarthritis. D&MD Newsletter, May 2001

Company Profiles:
Genesis Research and Development. D&MD Newsletter, Apr 2001
A2 Corporation. D&MD Newsletter, Mar 2001